X-Ray Services

Our dental surgery offers colleagues and their patients DentomiX-RAY services for 8 years supporting them with high standard diagnostics.

X-ray services below are still accessible:

- traditional panoramic

- teleradiographic and intraoral pictures

- bite-wing radiographs

- radiographic films

We would like to introduce you a revolutionary option. The recently installed E-WOO Picasso digital X-ray and CT diagnostic device for the first time offers the colleagues an unmatchable freedom of digital imaging in Budapest:

- digital panoramic

- and teleradiographic pictures

We supply a piece of software for free to be able to process the copies on CD. So the dentists can work with an incredible accuracy in implantation and orthodontic planning. We can send the pictures via e-mail and the dentist is prepared for the visit with a completed treatment plan.

3D CT (or DVT) pictures give more detailed information of the maxillo-facial region with almost unlimited diagnostic freedom. Prior to oral surgical operations, these pictures are essential in implant planning and indispensable for orthodontists and periodontists.

It is also a great help for general dentists in their preventive work. On request, these can be occlusal, maxillary, mandibular and articular targeted pictures.
The 3D CT unit is an improved panoramic X-ray device in which a high-sensitive sensor synchronously rotates with a cone beam X-ray thus making a 360 degree rotation around the skull.
Compared to the traditional CT with a radiation level of 1200-3300 microSilver for the patients the dental CT has about 50-70 microSilver.

Another unrivalled advantage of our services, compared to other competitors, is that we give free software to our partners for installation enabling them to generate diagnostically important sections in their office.

The software is user-friendly. Its implantation simulating module is independent of any manufacturers and simple to upgrade through a general application used by a dentist. The pictures are DICOM compatible matching standards in hospitals. A CT navigated surgical guide system is being developed at much more competitive costs compared to international manufacturers.

Minimal system requirements:

CPU: P4 2.4 GHz or higher, memory: 512 MB RAM (1 GB or more recommended), HDD 100 MB free storage (10 GB or more recommended), video card: 1024x768, 24 bpp (1280x1024, 32 bpp or more recommended), operating system: Windows XP (SP1), Explorer browser: Microsoft Internet 6.0 or newer.