Tooth bleaching

Modern Dentistry cannot do without the happy smile of grateful patients after bleaching. Tooth discolouration is a frequent problem leading to disadvantageous appearance. It occurs mainly due to root canal treatments, amalgam-fillings glimmering through the enamel and as a consequence of some medication in the childhood.

it is important to know that only your natural teeth can be bleached but not discoloured and/or old fillings. Aesthetically disadvantageous, non-blending dentures cannot be whitened either.

We never advise an aggressive teeth bleaching after root canal treatment because chemically weakening the substance of an already worn hard tissue equals the radical shortening of the tooth lifespan. So, whenever it comes to a therapy of this tooth type the only adequate answer can be an onlay-crown.

One of the most important aspects is that a thorough dental examination is inevitable to detect any kind of problems. In addition, scale removal and polishing are compulsory procedures prior to bleaching. While bleaching, the teeth sometimes can become more sensitive, however, after a pause of few days the treatment can go on.