Periodontium problems

All anatomical formulae are called periodontium which participate in the stabilization of a tooth (periodontal membrane, radicular cementum, bone). Unfortunately, periodontal diseases are too often and besides gum bleeding they do not cause any complaint at the beginning. Hence the patient is most likely seen by their doctor at such an advanced stage so that one tooth or probably group(s) of teeth must be removed.

Here pocket formation is characteristic where a great difference between gum level and bone surface can be observed – this space is filled up with bacterium infiltration by the granular tissue. It develops mainly due to lack of function, tooth spacing, scale, insufficient oral hygiene, possibly chronic illnesses, regular medication and sometimes viruses. The situation is made frequently worse by old and worn dentures and fillings.

Treatments apart from conservative therapy: Scale removal with a high-frequency or piezo ultrasonic device, polishing, instruction on proper oral hygiene, simple surgical operations, bone replacement with membrane and colouring are possible techniques. A post-operation soft-laser therapy greatly improves the efficiency.