Conservative dentistry

Purpose of the treatments in the field of Conservative Dentistry is the filling of carious teeth, endodontic procedures, improvement of the periodontium status, re-stabilization of slightly moving teeth thus supporting the efficiency even through simple operations. Here scale removal is also highlighted. However, we can increase our efficiency thanks to the soft-laser therapy.

-Fillings: The most frequent technique to treat carious teeth. Fillings can be made of amalgam or resin (light cure fillings). We do not apply amalgam-fillings for years and even in case of negative X-ray findings their replacement is indicated.

-Inlays: They are perhaps the best option to a rentable restoration because based on a cast of a specially prepared cavity the fillings are manufactured by skilled and experienced technicians in a dental laboratory providing such a high quality which never could be achieved by a dentist in their dental surgery. The only ‘disadvantage’ of producing inlays is the requirement of high-grade professional experience by dentist and technicians. Inlays can be produced of gold or other high-resistant metal alloys (casting), porcelain (fusing), composites (press technique, light curing) and zirconium (milling). According to the guidelines of the profession, only inlays are suitable for the second treatment of teeth with respect to Black’s classification because, in spite of the most careful manufacturing, tooth colour fillings might contain non-polymerized, free radicals; they tend to shrink creating micro-bubbles and bring about discolouration within few months and they are chemically instable.

-Endondontins: This one option remains for the dentist when caries has developed to such an extent that it approaches or reaches the nerve-canals. Endodontic procedures must be carried out even if a deformation does not cause any complaint (tooth necrosis). This procedure contains the removal of nerves, other tissues and necrosed portions of tissues from the root canal with suitable endodontic instruments.

-Root apex resection: This procedure in Dento-alveolar Surgery must be mentioned here because the treatment of any root apex deformation is only possible with this minor surgical operation.